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Directing dinosaurs for Discovery

UPDATE: The YouTube "greatest hits" cut of DinoRev is now over 150 Million views! CLICK the PIX to watch...

Discovery Channel is starting to air promos for "Dinosaur Revolution," the huge new scientifically state-of-the-art live-action/CGI 6 hour dinosaur extravaganza I directed nearly 4 hours of last year. My involvement began almost 3 years ago when I helped pitch the show to Discovery for the production company, "Creative Differences" while I was storyboarding and directing back

plates for a couple of series they were doing for NatGeo and Discovery called "Pre-historic Predators," and "Monsters Resurrected," respectively.

After being away from the project for a year, I was brought back on to sort out a years' worth of storyboards and help make them photographable images. After several weeks near Eureka, CA in September, followed by a month and a half on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands near Morocco, we returned with tons of backplates, ready for editing and animation.

10 months later, miraculously, after many talented people worked inhuman hours for many months, the results will be out there for the world to see on September 4, 2011, on discovery Channel at 9pm EDT/PDT.


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