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Moving Images:  Storyboard animatics & previsualization

Storyboard animatics


Storyboard animatics are the next step in determining how well those planned shots will work. Drawings are placed on a NLE timeline and cut to approximate actual running time...though far more complex than a basic "slide show," some shot sequences can be cut and viewed in a matter of minutes.  Add simple or complex animation, music and sound effects, and animatics become the quickest, most cost effective way of signing off on artist can assemble minutes of finished footage in a matter of hours.

CG Previsualization


Some sequences might require stepping up to 3D "previsualization" to provide additional technical information, such as lens choices, and/or sophisticated camera moves.  We can also provide basic CG previsualization in Maya or Lightwave when required...

For the past dozen years or so, the majority of my work as been as a storyboard animatic director on a number of major studio pictures.  The directors have relied on me to set the initial pacing and make editing / shot choices for these sequences, often times working closely with the storyboarding team, stunt coordinators and physical effects supers to flesh out the scenes as needed.


I've always integrated my own 3D previs animations into animatics when illustrating more complex camera moves was required, but I've also supervised previs and layout artists on a number of other projects.  Below is a sample of some of my more hands-on work...

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