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"Spank" Storyboard pitch animatic

​Imagi Animation (TMNT, GatchaMan, Astroboy) was playing around with the idea of a "Gorillaz" type animated band, and I was contacted to create an animatic music video.


A friend had started some storyboards based on what they had so far: their dance track and some character designs...but no director or concept.  I expanded on the basic storyboard visuals of the rooftop concert, adding pretty much everything else... 3D apartment building, framing device of the kung-fu video game, the floating LP stage and "Time Tunnel" skatepark, and whatever gags I could fit in over a period of several weeks.

LIVE ACTION aspects:  We needed dancer reference, but I realized we should shoot footage we could actually incorporate in the way of mattes and such... so I set up a shoot on the green screen stage of legendary VFX house Illusion Arts.  My DP and I then spent a day with the producer and two dancers getting a variety of useful fun footage...

"Untitled 1910 Western" pitch / trailer

​This is a prime example of a "storyboard animatic trailer" pitch. 


An Academy Award-winning director had a script he'd adapted and was wanting to start pitching... His team hired one of the pre-vis houses to make some trailer sequences, but he was unhappy with the quality (you'll see the sequence in the cut)... Concurrently, he'd had one of the top board artists in town that he knew doing some very polished boards... they decided a storyboard animatic was more the way to go, so the director constructed a finished sound track (a former actor, he's most of the voices), and I animated and cut a final trailer to that.

This is actually one of my favorite pieces, the beautiful art and level of subtle animation resulted in what I feel is one of my more elegant pieces.  Total time, probably a week and a half, with a few add'l days...

Advertising Pitch:  MGM/Delta tie-in

​After choreographing the aerial battle sequences in animatic form for the MGM feature "Flyboys," I was later asked by the producers to create a commercial pitch idea for a potential marketing tie-in between MGM and Delta Airlines. 

This was a quickie:  Meeting in the afternoon where I was given selected shots from the soon-to-be-released film, quick discussion; returned to the studio and created a few pieces of art and animated it that evening and next morning... and presented by noon.

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