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Live-action shoot combined with "rip-reel"

Example of a higher-end "Pitch-Vis." I was given a feature script by a prominent producer of blockbuster favorites, to be pitched at the Cannes Film Festival a few weeks later. The producer asked if I could break down the script and create a storyboard trailer quickly...


After deciding on visually interesting action moments and a few snippets of dialog to explain the premise, I realized a combo art and "rip reel" would work best. I soon had a viewable version comprised of clips ripped from lesser-known contemporary features, storyboard art, and borrowed music tracks, but the producer loved it so much, they decided to spend the money to shoot the storyboarded dialog scenes as new footage. Favors were called in, a moderate sized crew was assembled, and after two days of shooting, we had a new trailer.


All the bits with name actors (Adam Baldwin, Catherine Bell) are original footage...the edit is mine, along with visual effects supervision and co-direction.

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