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   Pre-production art.  Sequence design.  Previs.  Post-vis.  Pitch-vis.

   Visual effects design... for your production's budget. 

Flying Sorcery is my art and production entity that has for over 25 years provided storyboards, concept art, visual effects art direction, storyboard animatics, 3D previsualization and second unit direction to everything from major studio blockbusters and network television, to independent features and documentaries.  Think your production can't afford storyboards, previz or blockbuster level visual effects shots?  Not so...


As a "one stop shop" for sequence design and supervision, I can help you see your sequences through from idea to photography to post-production animation. Since I'm able to assemble a team of artists and technicians per project, this is especially helpful and cost effective for small-to-mid size productions who don't normally have the budgets for VFX prep and production.  I can provide:


 >Storyboards and concepts for pre-production and look development


 >Storyboard animatics and 3D previsualization for sequence design


 >"Pitch-Vis" promotional trailer production and print booklets


 >Final visual effects shots for independent features and television


Although I continue to provide art and sequence designs for some of the biggest films in Hollywood, one of my main goals is to provide these services for medium to small budget films that never thought they'd be able to afford the previsualization tools and visual effects enjoyed by the big studios.  I don't have the brick and mortar overhead or the huge staffs of the well-known pre-vis and VFX houses;  my goal is to assemble a small team of high-end artists as needed, based on the requirements and budget of each client, artists that can work quickly and efficiently to design and implement your action and visual effects sequences. 


Sometimes, a single storyboard/animatic artist, such as myself, can provide the necessary sequence design skills;  other projects might require several artists and a 3D previs animator;  a "pitch-vis" project might require a small shooting crew and several days of post production.  Does your independent film need a handful of visual effects shots to help tell your story?  Flying Sorcery can provide any and all of these, based on what's best for your time and budget.





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