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Pitch-Vis, Post-Vis, Proof-of-Concept and Production

WHAT is PITCH-VIS?  Simply put, it's a trailer... for your project that doesn't exist yet.​

"Pitch-Vis":   Storyboard animatics

The most affordable of pitch-vis:  Storyboard animatics created from already existing pitch boards, or art quickly created for the animatic.  We can help decide which scenes from the script would best tell the story of your project, be it a sampling of select scenes, or a complete "trailer."  If boards don't already exist, a storyboard artist(s) can then illustrate those scenes, which are then given life by the animatic animator / sound editor.

​Click to see two examples:  a pitch for a new "Gorillaz" type animated band, the other, a basic commercial pitch animatic.

"Pitch-Vis":  Rip-reel / live action


Often called a "rip-o-matic." In it's simplest form, it's shots ripped from DVDs to illustrate your scenes, but in the case of these examples, it's ripped shots (the less recognizable the better) combined with actual new photography featuring cast actors performing carefully selected scenes, interspersed with the borrowed shots to create a more original trailer.


Taken to the next step, there's just doing a full-on shoot to create your trailer or sample scene.  Anything from a simple drama to creating sample shots from that next big green-screen epic is possible, given your budget...

"Post-vis," "stunt-vis," and production


Post Vis:  Editorial or VFX sometimes need temp effects/art added quickly to rough cuts to assess feasibility or usefulness... 


Proof-of-concept:  Sometimes a project is already in pre-pre-production, or has the infamous "flashing green light."  The folks in charge still want to know if a certain visual effect is feasible or a visual stylization will work for the budget.  Sometimes you just need to make part of your movie before you make it...

Three examples here:   POST-VIS for "The Incredible Hulk" (2008), where I was given footage from partially completed sequences to finish and/or re-design; a "proof of concept" visual effects shoot I did at Disney to demonstrate a simple ghost effect I designed to eliminate motion control and green screen photography; and a "live action pre-vis" sequence (aka "stunt-vis") I shot and edited with Chinese action director Cory Yuen for Jet Li's "The One."

You have a script, but feel you really need to go that extra length to show potential investors how cool your project could be? Using storyboard animatics, 3D pre-visualization and even live action sequences, we can design and assemble a trailer that helps sell your vision to others. We can advise which methods would work best for your project, be it simply animated art or full-on live action production.

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